Personal Clinical Management System for Doctors

DocMe for your digital healthcare services

DocMe, personal clinical management system for doctors

DocMe App Solution is specifically designed for your need to manage your personal clinical management system. This will ensure that you run a well-managed private clinic. Our programs help you to provide diagnostic and medical consulting to patients through DocMe videos, monitor patient contact and health information, send prescriptions and messages through the DocMe app in one click, and view daily financial statements.

Register your clinic and become part of our medical network.

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All the DocMe services obtained through our app available in Google play and App Store. Download DocMe FREE for all your medical needs.

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Update your information to complete your personal profile.

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Channel a doctor

Select your preferred Specialist or General physician and preferred date and time

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Fixed your appointment

DocMe will fixed your appointment after payment as you use.

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Prepare for Consultation Session

Upload medical reports and old prescriptions for referral to your doctor via APP. You can store and maintain your health data for future reference if you wish. DocMe App gives you the ability to maintain comprehensive records that can be accessed wherever and whenever you need them.

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Consultation Session

The doctor will consult you at the scheduled appointment time through the video on DocMe APP and send the prescription through the DocMe App.

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Forward your prescription to a pharmacy through the DocMe app to get your medicine to your doorstep.

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Lab Test

Submit your lab test prescription to get your lab test done at home through the DocMe app. Mobile lab facility at your doorstep and online lab reports. No more coming to deliver requested samples and collect lab reports.

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Evaluation from doctors to DocMe

I mainly use the DocMe Mobile application for my patients who need continuous review. For example, it is easier to prepare medications based on their tests. Communication is easier for the doctor and the patient. The lack of waiting time is a huge relief. It is certainly the right step forward in the field of medical practice

Dr. Dushantha Madegedara.


I wonder about the DocMe Moblie apps for ease of usage. You do not have to have technical knowledge to understand this application, it means that everyone has access to it. Now I can manage my personal clinic and manage patient details and daily financial records without any other personal staff.

Dr. Champa Jayawardena

Doctor at Hospital

I have started using “DocMe App” to serve my patients all over Sri Lanka as well as abroad. According to my online clinic schedule in the app, my patients will be able to contact me via live video. This app gives me access to their previous health records and provides the background to make an accurate diagnosis or conclusion when seeking advice. It makes it easier for my patients and saves their valuable time in getting advice from me through the DocMe app. I would like to recommend DocMe Doctor App for all physicians to serve their patients using the latest tele telemedicine technology wherever they are.

Dr. K.N Soyza


In my experience, getting patients to go to a hospital or even getting their prescriptions through the DocMe app is a great step for us to know which patients we can help when they are at home. In this case, DocMe is a great solution to ease the burden of covid and other diseases on hospitals.

Dr. Nandana De Alwis

Doctor at Hospital