Channel a doctor with one click!

DocMe for your digital healthcare services

Channel a doctor with one click!

DocMe App connects qualified physicians, high quality pharmacies and laboratories with a single mobile application. Everything is now connected to your fingertips and use DocMe for your medical needs. We offer a range of services for you, connecting the largest healthcare system in Sri Lanka.

Avoid exposure to COVID, traffic jams, crowded hospital waiting rooms and germs, and visit a doctor right from your home.

eDoctor Consultation

Now, consulting a doctor or a specialist is a few taps away on your smartphone. Consult a specialist through video. 

eMedicine Delivery

Get medicines delivered to your door in an easy step.
DocMe connects you to a wide network of pharmacy partners via our app. 

eHealth Profile

Store, maintain and access health records whenever you need them.
Have access to your medical records where ever you are in the world. 

eMobile Lab & Online Reports

Be in control of your time. Schedule lab tests at a time convenient to you.
No more travelling. Get lab tests done in the comfort from your home or office. 

Now it is very easy to get Consulting from a doctor.

Get started with DocMe

Join the era of Digital Health and enjoy healthcare at your fingertips. Download the DocMe app FREE via Google play or App store.

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All the DocMe services obtained through our app available in Google play and App Store. Download DocMe FREE for all your medical needs.

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Update your information to complete your personal profile.

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Channel a doctor

Select your preferred Specialist or General physician and preferred date and time

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Fixed your appointment

DocMe will fixed your appointment after payment as you use.

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Prepare for Consultation Session

Upload medical reports and old prescriptions for referral to your doctor via APP. You can store and maintain your health data for future reference if you wish. DocMe App gives you the ability to maintain comprehensive records that can be accessed wherever and whenever you need them.

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Consultation Session

The doctor will consult you at the scheduled appointment time through the video on DocMe APP and send the prescription through the DocMe App.

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Forward your prescription to a pharmacy through the DocMe app to get your medicine to your doorstep.

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Lab Test

Submit your lab test prescription to get your lab test done at home through the DocMe app. Mobile lab facility at your doorstep and online lab reports. No more coming to deliver requested samples and collect lab reports.

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How can a doctor correctly diagnose me without seeing me in person?

According to the American Medical Association, 75% -80% of medical consultations can be traced to digital records of medical history, reports, and experiences.

Our doctors can provide diagnostic and medical consulting by understanding your medical history, reports and symptoms as well as a physical examination.

What DocMe does.

DocMe allows you to channel SLMC registered doctors from your home, get medical advice via video, and get a prescription if needed. You can channel a GP or a specialist.

What They Say

“It took me 5 minutes to channel & get video consulting from the doctor. The app was easy to use. The doctor was very punctual. On time I got my prescription & my meds were delivered in 2 hours. Good luck “DocMe!”

Ashan Gamage

GM, Infortec InternationInc.

“My mother had a chest pain, so I consulted a GP on DocMe to get an initial opinion. The doctor was super friendly and thorough and explained the condition to my mother really well. I was extremely happy with the service! ”

Priyani Aluvihare


“I had a video consultation with a respiratory consultant on DocMe and sent him my diagnosis and medical lab reports vis DocMe App. He checked me via video on DocMe App and consult me what medication I needed and how I should use them and on time I got my prescription. I am so impressed with the service, the efficiency of the doctor and how easy and quick it was.”

Inoka Priyadarshani

Director, IITS

“I wasn’t sure how a doctor could diagnose me virtually, because I was used to going to a doctor physically. However, all my doubts were cleared during my first DocMe consultation. The doctor I consulted spent about 10mins asking about my medical history and study my previous medical reports which I uploaded to DocMe App and questions about my symptoms and checked me via a video on DocMe App, is my first choice when it comes to minor illnesses! Thanks DocMe!”

Roshan Gunawardena

Store Manager, Walmart Inc